Sunday, September 30, 2012

Agent "wish list"!

I decided to create a new blog! If you're visiting, thanks and welcome! So, I figure I'll dedicate this first post to my "wish list," or what I would LOVE to see, as well as what I'm really not interested in seeing.

I would LOVE to see: 

  • Romance (any heat level). I am particularly interested in historical, especially Regency. I'd also like to see paranormal and contemporary (or women's fiction). 
  • Sci-fi/fantasy/urban fantasy that focuses more on the characters (development/motivation).  
  • Young Adult or Middle Grade. Contemporary and I'd really be interested in seeing a YA historical or dystopian. I would love for there to be some element of romance in the YA. 
  • I love characters that are intelligent and quirky. I'm also drawn to a deadpan sense of humor. 
  • Stories that have strong, unique plots and subplots. Speaking of plots, I would love to see plots featuring time travel, mythology, or competitions. 

What I really DON'T want to see:

  • Stories featuring post-marriage/divorce/children. 
  • Inspirational.
  • No epic type sci-fi/fantasy.

Below are examples of authors I love: 

J. K. Rowling
Karen Marie Moning
Kresley Cole
Gena Showalter
Teresa Medeiros 
Sabrina Jeffries
J. R. Ward
Suzanne Collins
Cassandra Clare
Larissa Ione


Elizabeth Seckman said...

I'm over from Cassie Mae's to say hi. Hi!

Jordy said...

Hi Elizabeth! Thanks so much for stopping by :)

Katie Dodge said...

I'm here from Cassie Mae's as well. Hey! And I just might be sending over my historical women's fiction.(Not here to your blog, but to the proper place. ;) Thanks for the wish list!

Deirdre said...

Ditto Cassie Mae- I'll go check out the submission guidelines...happy blogging!

T.J. said...

Oh wow. I hit three "wants"! I am hitting up sub guidelines! *Bites nails"

Jordy said...

Thanks so much for visiting :-)

Jordy said...

Aw thanks for stopping by :)

Another Axe said...

Query sent! I really look forward to whatever this blog has to offer!

Michelle 4 Laughs said...

Love the background of the new blog.

I have a YA fantasy dystopian set in New Chicago entered in the Spookpitch contest. Hope you request it. It does have romance, though that's not mentioned in my pitch.

Kelley Harvey said...

How about YA Romantic Soft Sci-Fi? It looked like you'd be drawn to that in Adult, but didn't list such for YA... just thought I'd check *smiles shyly*

Jordy said...

Hey Kelly! Yes, please query :)

Jordy said...

Hey Michelle! If I don't happen to request it, please feel free to send me a query.

Anabel González said...

Hi! I entered spookpitch and I was wondering if you would like a YA paranormal romance set in Madrid. I think I'd wait till the end of spookpitch to see if you requested. If not do I send you a query?
Just wanted to check before sending.

Rhiann Wynn-Nolet said...

I'm in SpookPitch too. Definitely a unique MC. Definitely romance. I've been told by my betas/CPs that it's definitely different-in a good way. Hoping it intrigues you :)

Natasha Hawkins said...

I have an YA Urban Fantasy with lots of romantic elements. And, I've been dying to find an agent that is looking for a focus on characters and their motivations. Yay! I will be sending my query!

Lovely blog. =)

Stacey Nash said...

A fellow Cassandra Clare fan! Do you follow her on Twitter? She tweets some great sneak peeks into the filming of City of Bones! A very talented lady, she is one of my favorite authors.

I actually use City Of Bones as comparison for my YA sci-fi. I'm going to check out your submission guidelines, but will wait until after spookpitch to see what happens :)

Fantasy Floozie- Kenya Wright said...

I really love it when agents put their wish lists up! I'll be querying you today! Hope to hear from you, if not, thanks for the opportunity!

Jordy said...
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Amy Jarecki said...

I'm a member of Celtic Hearts RWA, and am wondering what your thoughts are on Scottish historical romances, or are you focused on regencies? Thanks!

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