Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Halloween YA Pitch Party

To celebrate Halloween, I'm having a pitch party! I would LOVE to see more YA Romance in my inbox. And you're invited to a Pitch Party specifically for YA Romance. Beginning October 13th until the 31st 2013, it's all about the romance! Please see details below.

Genre does not matter, but the romance MUST be killer. The chemistry has to feel authentic and be sizzling! The riskier/steamier the better. 

I want to be sucked into the world you've created and not want to leave. I want to feel like I could talk to your characters, like they could step off the page. I need to understand their motivations and choices. Make me laugh and then cry. The voice has to feel realistic! The plot needs to be original and flow seamlessly with the romance. 

Are the lines between good and bad blurred, the bad guys someone you hope will change? 

Is there a game or competition? Life and death stakes? 

Break my heart, but I'd also love to have a happy/satisfying ending. 

*Please send your pitch (with Halloween Pitch and title in the subject) and the first 5 pages of your finished manuscript pasted into the body of an email (NO attachments, please) to me at jordy@thebookeralbertagency.com.


Very much looking forward to reading your submissions!